Aedes is Vector for which conditions


    Aedes is Vector for  which conditions – A disgusting question of Aedes


    • Chikungunya Fever
    • Rift Valley fever
    • Yellow Fever
    • Dengue Fever

    How to remember

    • One day( they are day biters)
    • Tiger cried ( it is called tiger mosquito)
      • C – Chikungunya Fever
      • R – Rift Valley fever
      • Y – Yellow Fever
      • D – Dengue Fever
    • In front of Dirty water (Aedes lays eggs in containers with stored water but not fresh water)
    • For cigarettes( cigar shaped eggs )
    Aedes Mnemonic


    Aedes Mnemonic


    Tiger Woods cries because he lost wife and girl friend