10 Habits of APPG Top 100 Rankers


10 Habits of APPG Entrance exam Toppers who got in Top 100 ranks – A meta analysis based on 14 years experience by Dr Murali Bharadwaz

Coaching Class Didactic Lecture

Habit 1 : Majority of Toppers did not attend any long didactic coaching programmes

  • Honestly , most of the toppers 69% did not attend any coaching programme .

Mock test

Habit 2 : Toppers attended weekend mock tests

    Murali Bharadwaz exams

  • On average 72% Toppers attended Mock test Series of Dr Murali Bharadwaz classes in AP and Telangana. A very good number attended Bhatia test series in addition.

APPG Preparation

Habit 3 : Toppers have serious preparation for entrance exam for only a maximum of 4 months

  • For many toppers , most of the high yield topics in Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Obstetrics are well revised in Final MBBS itself. Hence , they just brushed them and had good working knowledge in basic sciences.


Habit 4: Most of the Toppers in APPG who took Murali Bharadwaz Mock tests cross 150 marks in at least 7-8 tests by the time it was February

    Seat Gurantee

  • It is not the centre rank or State Rank that really does show any statistical association in Murali Bharadwaz Mock tests,but it is crossing 150 marks in Murali Bharadwaz Mock tests is the bench mark.


Habit 5 : 87% of the Toppers in APPG Top 100 Ranks are within National 1000 Ranks in DNB CET

Correlation of APPG Rank

Habit 6 : AIIMS November , PGI December , Jipmer Feb Ranks have no correlation with Ranks in APPG

    APPG Big rank but AIIMS small rank

  • Some who got 200+ Rank in APPG still got 60 – 80 All India Ranks in National Exams

Harrison Internal Medicine

Habit 7 : 93 % of Top rankers did not read Harrison for Medicine

Medical Interns

Habit 8 : 23 % Top Rankers in APPG Top 100 rankers are only Interns in First attempt

Exam failure

Habit 8 : 13% Top Rankers in APPG Top Rankers had Failure in MBBS Subjects and Mean average score of toppers in MBBS is 62% Marks


Habit 9 : Majority of Top 100 Rankers in APPG got 90% Score in Surgical subjects in APPG namely GynObs, Ortho,Surgery, ENT, Ophthal.

Tough exam

Habit 10 : Whatever be the toughness of APPG paper , Toppers in Top 100 Ranks in APPG crossed 150 Marks in Real APPG exam, assuming better key with less errors by examiner.

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