Bennetts fracture

    • Bennetts fracture-dislocation (A very frequently tested topic in PG Medical Entrance)
      • It is an oblique intra-articular fracture of the base of the first metacarpal with subluxation or dislocation of the metacarpal(MCQ)
      • It is sustained as a result of a longitudinal force applied to the thumb. (MCQ)
      • Treatment
        • Accurate reduction and restoration of the smooth joint surface is important to prevent osteoarthritis. (MCQ)
          • This is because, being an intra-articular fracture, if not reduced accurately, it will lead to incongruity of the articular surfaces. (MCQ)
        • Closed reduction and percutaneous K-wire  fixation under an image intensifier, is a good technique. (MCQ)
        • Open reduction and internal fixation with a K-wire or a screw may be necessary in some cases.
      • Complications -Osteoarthritis(MCQ)
        • Excision of the trapezium may be required in particularly painful arthritis cases.
    • Rolando’s fracture(MCQ)
      • This is an extra-articular fracture across the base of the first metacarpal(MCQ)
      • Perfect reduction is not as important as in Bennett’s fracture-dislocation.
      • Treatment is by reduction and immobilisation in a thumb spica for 3 weeks.(MCQ)
    • Boxer’s fracture(MCQ)
      • Fracture through the neck of the metacarpal(MCQ)
      • It  commonly affects the neck of the fifth metacarpal(MCQ)
      • The distal fragment is tilted forwards
      • It is usually sustained when a closed fist hits against a hard object

    Bennett’s Fracture – Tiny Fractures and Big Problems
    Radiology Lecture: Excerpt from E-Class on Bennett’s Fracture Radiology & Treatment – ‘Tiny Fractures and Big Problems’ By Dr Amit Char
    Metacarpophalangeal Joint – Thumb Fracture (Bennett’s Fracture) Management | Orthopedic Classes
    Bennett’s Fracture
    A Bennett fracture is a fracture-dislocation of the 1st carpometacarpal (CMC) joint (between the metacarpal and the carpal bones at the wrist). There is a fracture of the base of the metatarsal (the bone from the wrist to the thumb), as well as a subluxation of the joint.
    This is a serious injury which if not treated correctly can cause permanent disability, with particular problems when bringing the thumb across the palm of the hand and pinching with the index or middle fingers.
    The most common cause of a Bennett fracture is a punch with a clenched fist. It is also common in Football goal keepers and Rugby or American Football players.
    Intraarticular Fracture Base of Thumb Metacarpal Surgery by Dr. Thomas Trumble
    A distal radius fracture that extends into the joint (articular) surface is the most severe pattern of these injuries. In these cases, traumatic arthritis can rapidly develop if the joint surface is not realigned and stabilized. Specially contoured plates are used to align the articular surface. With successful treatment of intraarticular distal radius fractures, patients can avoid traumatic arthritis and restore function with good range of motion and pain relief.
    Matty Zimmerman Bennets Fracture
    Bennett fracture pin remova
    Bennett’s fracture surgical pins being taken out
    Bennetts Fracture Pin Removal
    K wire removal from Bennetts fracture plus agricultural audio
    Rugby injury. Didn’t work! Need another op.
    Bennett’s fracture pin removal
    Getting my two pins removed. No pain at all, just a little pressure and then relief. Six weeks in a cast and now I just need to rehab.
    Bennett’s fracture pins being removed
    My pins being removed
    broken thumb / Bennett fracture = K wires (tubiana’s technique)
    i had 2 k wires in thumb bur they moved one of the k wires after a couple of weeks to the other side of index finger.
    Bennett Fracture – 3 pin removal
    Fractura Rolando
    Fractura del hueso del pulgar
    K wire removal right thumb following Motorcycle Accident
    I fell of my dirt bike green laning on Salisbury plane. Resulting in a thing called a Rolando fracture which I’m told is similar (but worse) than a Bennetts fracture. This was after surgery to reduce the fracture & 6 weeks in plaster
    Metacarpal Fracture: Symptoms, X-Ray Findings, Treatment
    Boxer’s Fracture – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
    Educational video describing the condition and treatment of a boxer’s fracture. Fracture injury most commonly affecting the neck of the 5th metacarpal bone.
    Fixing the Boxer’s Fracture
    In this video we show the application of a hematoma block using lidocaine and the reduction and splinting of a Boxer’s Fracture.
    Boxer’s Fracture – 5th Metacarpal Bone Broken, Before and After
    I just got the cast removed the day before this video was made, this video is not intended for any medical purpose, I’m only sharing with you about my personal experience and hoping this video could be somewhat informative and of help to you….
    Boxer’s Fracture / reduction / and splinting
    Here we have a patient with a ‘Boxer’s Fracture’ to the right hand.
    Here you can see the hematoma block technique for pain management. Manual reduction of the fracture. And splinting of the fracture.
    How To Rehab Your Hand After An Injury, Boxer’s Fracture, or Surgery – Personal Trainer Tai
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    Taping for Boxer’s Fracture
    Dr Rick Fox, DC combines athletic taping and kinesiotape for boxer’s fracture.
    Reducing a Boxer’s Fracture
    An animated description of the reduction of 5th metacarpal fractures
    Boxer’s Fracture Splint Application – Part 1
    Splint application class given by Drs. Whitney, Goodyear, and Mullen..
    Boxer’s fracture
    Boxer’s Fracture Reduction and Splinting
    This video demonstrates the reduction and splinting of a Boxer’s fracture.
    Boxer Splint Technique
    Parker Splint Application Video for a Boxer Splint. Indications for 4th and 5th Metacarpal Fracture. This video is intended for use by medical professionals only.
    Parker Splint is a multi-layered fiberglass splint available in 3 popular forms: Roll Form Design, Padded Pre-Cut Splints and Non Padded Pre-Cut Splints.
    Parker Medical Associates, LLC is a healthcare product manufacturer based in Charlotte, NC. All of our splinting products are made in our Charlotte facility and our splinting and casting products are sold in the United States by over 50 independent sales representatives.
    Boxer Fracture pins removal
    Me getting my pins taken out after having surgery on my hand a month earlier.
    Metacarpal Fracture/Boxers Fracture – Cast and Pin Removal
    I broke the 5th Metacarpal Biking.. This is also known as a boxers fracture.
    Originally the bone moved 35 degrees making it so i didnt have to get pins but surley enough it moved making me get pins in my metacarpal. They put me to sleep during the surgery and woke me up a hour later. Now that i have got my pins out it feels like it is still broke, i am unable to move it upward but surely enough im sure it will get back into its original position..
    Boxer’s Fracture: Percutaneous Pinning
    An animated description of surgical fixation of a boxer’s (5th metacarpal) fracture.
    Boxers Fracture Treatment.
    Pin removal (Boxer’s fracture)
    My doc yanking the steel pins from my hand a month after I broke my 4th and 5th metacarpal bones. The lesson learned is to never angle your fist when you’re punching.
    Broke my hand on the 7th of January.
    At least my thumb index and middle finger all function properly… you know.. gaming requirements heh.
    Boxers fracture pin removal
    The first pun was a breeze, the second pin went up my bone to my knuckle, it was bent..
    Boxer Fracture
    2/13/2011 I had got a boxers break about 2 weeks before halloween… I got surgery on Halloween and finally today i got my cast off and my pns out (8
    Broken 5th Metacarpal (Boxers Fracture)
    Just an explanation, In case you were wondering. I explain the odd looking glove on my right hand in my videos. Also, I will be posting a video of the pins being removed tomorrow. So check that video out if you have some sort of a morbid curiosity. Thanks guys.
    cast boxer’s fracture
    Getting pins removed from a boxer’s fracture (boxer break)
    Boxer’s Fracture
    Boxer’s Fracture – 5th Metacarpal Bone Broken, Before and After
    I just got the cast removed the day before this video was made, this video is not intended for any medical purpose, I’m only sharing with you about my personal experience and hoping this video could be somewhat informative and of help to you….
    Closed Pinning of Finger Fracture by Dr Leo Rozmaryn Orthopedic Hand Surgeon
    Many finger fractures can be treated with closed pinning.