Clavicle Fracture

      • ClavicleFracture
        • It usually results from a fall on the shoulder or sometimes on an out stretched hand.(MCQ)
        • The junction of the middle and outer-third of the clavicle is the commonest site (A very High yield MCQ in AIPGMEE,AIIMS,DNB CET PG Medical Entrance)
        • This fracture is usually displaced
        • The outer fragment displaces medially and downwards because of the gravity and pull by the pectoralis major muscle attached to it .(MCQ)
        • The inner fragment displaces upwards because of the pull by the sterno-cleidomastoid muscle attached to it.(MCQ)
        • Treatment
          • Fractures of the clavicle unite readily even if displaced, hence reduction of the fragment is not essential.
          • A triangular sling is sufficient in cases with minimum displacement.  (MCQ)
          • Active shoulder exercises should be started as soon as the initial severe pain subsides, usually 10-14 days after the injury.
          • A figure-of-8 bandage may be applied to a young adult with a displaced  (MCQ)
          • Open reduction and internal fixation -indications
            • fracture is associated with neurovascular deficit,
            • severely displaced fractures, where it may be more of a cosmetic concern.
          • In such cases, the fracture is fixed internally with a plate or a nail.
      • Complications
        • Early complications:
          • The fractured fragment may injure the subclavian vessels or brachial plexus.
      • Late complications:
          • Shoulder stiffness (MCQ)
            • a common complication, especially in elderly patients.
            • It can be prevented by shoulder mobilisation as soon as the patient becomes pain free.
          • Malunion and non-union (the latter being very rare)
            • ften cause no functional disability and need no treatment.

CLAVICLE FRACTURE treatment and repair – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
This fracture clavicle collar bone video is an animated educational video for the clavicle bone ,its anatomy the injury ,the symptoms and findings, the value of xrays the conservative treatment ,the indication of surgery ,repair or reconstruction.
this shoulder girdle injury is commen
it heals without surgery in the majority of cases
nonunion is treated by plate and bone graft
done by university of toledo orthopedic surgeon
SurvivalMedicine #24 — Clavicle Fractures
Learn how to treat the most common fracture
Clavicle Fracture – Broken Collar Bone
Clavicle fractures are a common orthopedic injury, especially among infants and young children. The clavicle, known as the collarbone, is a long bone located at the top of the chest. A clavicle fracture most frequently results from trauma. The majority of clavicle fractures can heal without surgery. If surgery is necessary, the bone is secured with surgical hardware, such as plates and screws.
Clavicle Fracture | IM Fixation with a Clavicle Pin | Broken Collarbone | Vail, CO
Dr. Peter Millett is a Vail, Colorado orthopedic shoulder surgeon in private practice with the Steadman Clinic. He is an expert in treating clavicle fractures and offers this video on Intra-Medullary Fixation with a Clavicle Pin: (IMFixationofMidschaftClavFx). There are several techniques to surgically treat clavicle fractures. Another technique is explained in a separate video:

clavicle fracture surgery
treatment option for unstable distal clavicle fractures
Plate Fixation Surgery for Clavicle Fractures | Broken Collarbone | Vail, Colorado
Dr. Peter Millett is a Vail, Colorado orthopedic shoulder surgeon in private practice with the Steadman Clinic. He is an expert in treating clavicle fractures and offers this video on Plate Fixation with a Clavicle plate — Surgical Technique.

Real Life in the OR – Clavicle Repair
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Tom Meade of Meade Orthopedics at Coordinated Health in Allentown, PA performs a clavicle repair on a college student who broke it in an ATV accident.
Clavicle Fracture Repair
Minimally-Invasive Clavicle Fracture Repair surgery with a novel surgical approach and proprietary implant. The surgery attempts to minimize the size of the surgical incision as compared to plating procedures, improved cosmetic appearance and minimize pain for the patient.
Clavicle Fracture Collar Bone Surgery Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Dr. Alejandro Badia
This is a video illustrating the repair of a collarbone fracture suffered by a professional motorcycle racer.
Treatment of Clavicle Fractures
This video discusses the surgical and non-surgical management of clavicle (collar bone) fractures.
Clinical Case: Clavicle Fracture
discussion of important points about clavicle fractures
Clavicle Surgery at Sanders Clinic
Clavicle (collar bone) fractures are a common occurrence, especially in contact sports. In the past, most fractures were treated nonoperatively (in a sling). Recent studies have shown, however, that nonopertive treatment results in high rates of nonunions and malunions. The latest research suggests that fixing the clavicle with a precontoured locking plate, like the one in the video, is a safe and effective way to treat a fracture, nonunion, or malunion of the clavicle.
clavicle fracture
this is a difficult to interpret but definitely present distal clavicular fracture
Clavicle Fractures
An animated description of the anatomy and treatment of clavicle fractures.
Clavicle Fracture
Clavicle Fracture
Clavicle fracture fixation – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
Educational video describing a case example of open reduction and internal fixation of the clavicle
AC Separation and Clavicle Fracture Correction Strap Taping Technique
This technique, found in “Strap Taping for Sports and Rehabilitation” by Anne Keil, is effective for treating AC pain or visible separation, crepitus, limited mobility of shoulder flexion and abduction above 90°, and clavicle deformity after fracture.
Clavicle Fracture Treatment And Repair – Everything You Need To Know
How you can heal your bones, often within days. Obviously if you’re athlete, laborer or someone who needs to use their body every day, my book can help you get back into top form quickly.This can include exercise and other physical therapy treatments to decrease pain and increase range-of motion. spine injury of the L5-S1. Find out more about isthimic spondylolisthesis at Tim Reading’s site and explore more on spondylolisthesis treatment. Berkas EM, Chesler MD, Sako Y. Multiple decubitus ulcer treatment by hip disarticulation and soft tissue flaps from the lower limbs. Plast Reconst Surg.
Clavicle Fracture Osteosynthesis with Reconstructive LCP
Clavicle Fracture Osteosynthesis with Reconstructive LCPs. Surgical Operations performed in HR at Academician Z. Tskhakaia West Georgian National Centre of Interventional Medicine’s (NMC-National Medical Clinic) Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery Department.
Clavicle Fracture: X-ray Findings and Treatment
EMT Practical – Collar Bone Fracture
How to stabilize a collar bone fracture for emergency transport. Video taken from skills class for the EMT Practical.
Fracture Distal Clavicle treated by Tension Band Wiring
Fracture Distal Clavicle treated by Tension Band Wiring
Turbo Plate for Clavicle Fracture Fixation
Clavicle Fracture (Collar bone) – “Common Sports Injuries”
This video discusses the Clavicle Fracture or the broken collar bone, one of the common sports injuries. A clavicle fracture or a broken collar bone is one of the common shoulder injuries and is caused by landing directly on the shoulder. Surgey is required if the bone is displaced. Rehab is difficult because it involves stregthening the entire shoulder.
When to Remove Hardware from Clavicle Fracture – Dr. Eric Janssen
Dr. Eric Janssen is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine with a focus on knee and shoulder surgery. He recently presented a program on shoulder injuries and treatment options. Dr. Janssen was asked if the plate and screws can removed after a clavicle fracture has healed. He explains the different options and what factors determine if the hardware is removed or not. We have Dr. Janssen’s entire program, “Why My Shoulder Hurts?” on our channel along with more questions and answers. Dr. Janssen has been in practice for over 20 years.
ORIF Distal Clavicle with Synthes Distal Clavicle Locking Plate
This shows an open reduction and internal fixation(ORIF) of the distal clavicle using a Synthes locking plate.
Reduction and Treatment of Fracture of the Clavicle (1933)
A black and white, silent film from Austria showing the reduction of a fracture by abduction of the shoulder girdle from the chest, under local anaesthesia. A clavicle splint is applied. X-ray pictures before and after reduction are shown and movement is free after four weeks.
Clavicle Fracture Repair – Orthopedic Surgeon Perspective
ideo of Thomas Hackett, M.D. of the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado on his experience with Sonoma Orthopedic Products minimally-invasive clavicle fracture repair Implant. This surgery can performed through a small incision and attempts to minimize the extent of periostial stripping, while improving cosmetic appearance and reducing pain for the patient.
Clavicle fracture emt trauma
Clavicle Fractures In Children – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
Educational video describing the condition of clavicle fractures in children
Clavicle Fracture FAQ
Which clavicle fractures need surgery?
Human Clavicle Fracture Comparison Set – Natural Bone
Human Clavicle Comparison Set Indicating Healed Fracture of the Sternal Articular Facet (Anomaly), Real (natural) bone, medical preparation specimens.

STEP 1 :Interscalene block with 20ml vol
STEP 2 :Superficial cervical plexus with 10 ml vol
STEP 3 : Infiltration along incision site and fracture haematoma with 10 ml vol
prep 2%lignocaine 20ml+ 0.5%bupivacaine 20 ml (avg adult 70 kg )
success tips : 1.premedication 2. fresh fracture cases 3.haematoma block.
Hare Traction Splint & Clavicle Fractures Peter Cole, MD
Snowboarder Clavicle Fracture (Go Pro Camera)
First person view using go pro camera of snowboarder crashing. Results were a clavicle broken into three pieces.
Clavicle Fracture ORIF plating By Dr Punit K Jain