jan 4th


# Dermatology

1. Which of the following is the drug of choice for the leision shown in Figure ?





2. The lesions shown in Figure in a gardneris treated by all the following drugs except :


            A.  Terbinafine                              

            B.  Itraconazole

  C.  Fluconazole                             

  D.  Saturated potassium iodide solution

3.  Culture medium used for the painful leision on penis shown in Figure are  all except:

3 part 2

A.  Blood agar

  B. Enriched blood agar

  C. Chocolate agar

  D. Me Coy cell line

 4. Most common cause of drug eruption shown in Figure in India is:


 A.        INH

B.        Steroid

C.        Phenytoin

D.        Iodine

 5. All  of the following are true  about leisions in a student from Guwhati studying in eighth class CBSE school as shown in Figure except:

    A.        Dry skin

B.        Atopic                      

C.        White non scaly macule                       

D.        Nutritional deficiency   


6. Radiographs of 1 year old child is shown in Figure

What is you diagnosis

A. Rickets

B. Scurvy

C. Osteogenesisimperfecta

D.Pagets disease

7. Upper gastrointestinal tract barium studyis shown in Figure


 What is your diagnosis

A. Acute pancreatitis

B. Cholangiocarcinoma

C. Carcinoma head of pancreas

D.Periampullary carcinoma

8. The barium enema shown in Figure is diagnostic of


  1. Chron’s disease
  2. Ulcerative colitis
  3. Tuberculosis of GIT
  4. Celiac disease

9. The Diagnosis following image is

A.Extradural hemorrhage

B.Subdural hemorrhage

C.Cavernous sinus thrombosis

D.Thrombosis of the superior sagittal sinus


10. The radiograph shown in Figure is seen in all the following conditions except

A. acute pancreatitis

B.ischemic colitis

C.Sigmoid volvulus

D.thrombosis of the mesenteric vasculature