Meconium ileus

      • Meconium ileus
        • Commonest cause of neonatal intraluminal intestinal obstruction (MCQ)
        • 80% cases are associated with cystic fibrosis (MCQ)
        • Inherited as an autosomal recessive trait
        • Viscid pancreatic secretions cause autodigestion of pancreatic acinar cells
        • Resulting meconium is abnormal and putty-like in consistency
        • Meconium becomes inspissated in the lower ileum (MCQ)
        • There is a microcolon(MCQ)
        • Presents with bilious vomiting and distension usually on first day of life(MCQ)
        • Passage of meconium is delayed
        • Meconium filled loops of bowel may be palpable
        • X-ray may show a ‘ground-glass’ appearance, especially in the right upper quadrant(MCQ)
      • Management
        • Gastrografin enemas may be successful in 50% of patients (MCQ)
        • If unsuccessful, surgery will be required
        • Limited resection and stomas may be required

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This is Maddy after they separated her intestines, she was born with meconium ileus
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I forgot to include the differential diagnosis…
*2° to Cystic fibrosis (dx w/ sweat chloride test, pt has hx of meconium ileus, usually dx in childhood);
*Asthma (no abnormality on CT, less if any sputum, dramatically improves w/ beta-agonist);

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