• Irreversible Injury
  • irreversible Cell death presents as
    • necrosis
    • apoptosis
  • Necrosis
    • Fundamentally is  a cytoplasmic driven process.
    • It is a pathologic process resulting from the swelling and denaturation of the cell
    • hypoxia leads to depleted ATP reserves and opening of ion channels
    • leads to cellular swelling and enzyme release from digestive lysozymes
    • temporal sequence observed after necrotic cell death
      • Hours after the insult there are no clear features.
      • 1 day after there are microscopic changes (waviness).
      • 1–3 days after there is gross necrosis and a microscopic infiltration by neutrophils
      • 3–7 days after there is disintegration of the dead tissue and accumulation of macrophages.
      • 1–2 weeks after there is granulation tissue (fibroblast and blood vessel proliferation).
      • 2–8 weeks after there is increasing collagen deposition
      • 2 months after there is a dense fibrous scar.(MCQ)
    • Liquefactive necrosis affects soft organs
      • brain infarction from stroke(MCQ)
    • Hemorrhagic necrosis affects highly vascular organs
      • pulmonary infarction from embolism(MCQ)
    • Caseous necrosis
      • cheesy white center of granulomas (eg, tuberculosis). (MCQ)
    • Fat necrosis – Occurs dead adipose tissue
      • trauma to breast(MCQ)
      • enzyme release in pancreatitis(MCQ)
    • Areas of necrosis may calcify as in breast microcalcifications associated with necrosis from fibrocystic change or carcinoma) (MCQ)


Introduction to Pathology – Necrosis vs. Apoptosis
What is the difference between necrosis and apoptosis? This is the 4th video in the Basic Pathology video series. Concepts of necrosis and apoptosis are discussed.
Necrosis VS apoptosis.mpg
Description of cellular necrosis, like apoptosis, very well explained
GRAPHIC: Complete Dressing Change of Left foot with necrosis
Probably the grossest foot on Youtube. I defy you to find a grosser one. Full video of me changing my dressing. WARNING: graphic, showing blood, necrotic tissue, etc. No narration.
In this chilling sequel to “APOPTOSIS,” Michael Paquet (writer, director, producer) reveals to the viewer the TRUE MEANING OF HORROR. Prepare to be chilled to the bone, in this stunning next chapter, “NECROSIS: A Cellular Horror.”
hombre con un pies pie con necrosis ( posta central Santiago Chile )
( fopografías tomadas por funcionarios de la posta central en Santiago de Chile )