Salter–Harris fracture

    • Salter–Harris fracture
      • Salter–Harris fracture
      • a fracture that involves the epiphyseal plate or growth plate of a bone
      • It is a common injury found in children
      • It occur in 15% of childhood long bone fractures
      • Type I
      • transverse fracture through the growth plate (also referred to as the “physis”)
      • 6% incidence
      • Type II – (most common type) (MCQ)
      • A fracture through the growth plate and the metaphysis, sparing the epiphysis
      • 75% incidence
      • takes approximately 2–3 weeks to heal.
      • Type III –
      • A fracture through growth plate and epiphysis, sparing the metaphysis
      • 8% incidence
      • Type IV –
      • A fracture through all three elements of the bone, the growth plate, metaphysis, and epiphysis(MCQ)
      • 10% incidence
      • Type V –
      • A compression fracture of the growth plate
      • result in a decrease in the perceived space between the epiphysis and diaphysis on x-ray
      • 1% incidence
      • The mnemonic “SALTER” (MCQ)
      • I – S = Slip
        • separated or straight across
        • Fracture of the cartilage of the physis (growth plate)
      • II – A = Above.
        • The fracture lies above the physis, or Away from the joint.
      • III – L = Lower.
        • The fracture is below the physis in the epiphysis.
      • IV – TE = Through Everything.
        • The fracture is through the metaphysis, physis, and epiphysis.
      • V – R = Rammed (crushed).
        • The physis has been crushed.
      • The higher the classification, the more severe the injury.
      • The incidence of growth disturbance is common in types III, IV and V(MCQ)

Salter Harris
Salter Harris

      Salter Harris I fracture of distal radius
Salter Harris
Salter Harris
      Salter Harris II fracture of ring finger proximal phalanx
Salter Harris III
Salter Harris III
      Salter Harris III fracture of big toe proximal phalanx
Salter Harris IV
Salter Harris IV
      Salter Harris IV fracture of big toe proximal phalanx
SalterHarris type III
SalterHarris type III
      An Xray of the left ankle showing a SalterHarris type III fracture of medial malleolus.
Colles' fracture
Colles’ fracture
      Colles’ fracture

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