Total parenteral nutrition

    • Surgical nutrition
      • Nutritional assessment
        • Clinical assessment
          • Weight loss (MCQ)
            • 10%=mild malnutrition
            • 30%=severe malnutrition
          • Body mass index
        • Anthropometric assessment
          • Triceps skin fold thickness(MCQ)
          • Mid arm circumference
          • Hand grip strength
        • Blood indices
          • Reduced serum albumin, prealbumin or transferrin(MCQ)
          • Lymphocyte count
    • Enteral feeding
      • Prevents intestinal mucosal atrophy
      • Supports gut associated immunological shield
      • Attenuates hypermetabolic response to injury and surgery
      • Polymeric liquid diet
        • Short peptides ,Medium chain triglycerides and polysaccharides
        • Vitamins ,Trace elements
      • Elemental diet
        • L-amino acids ,Simple sugars
        • High osmolarity can cause diarrhea (MCQ)
        • Enteral feed can be taken orally or by NGT
      • Long term feeding can be by:
        • Surgical gastrostomy,jejunostomy
        • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
        • Needle catheter jejunostomy
      • Complications of enteral feeding
        • Malposition and blockage of tube
        • Gastrooesophageal reflux
        • Feed intolerance
      • Parenteral nutrition
        • Intestinal failure = ‘A reduction in functioning gut mass below the minimal necessary for adequate digestion and absorption of nutrients’
        • Can be given by either a peripheral or central line
      • Indications for Total Parenteral Nutrition
        • Absolute indications
          • Enterocutaneous fistulae (MCQ)
        • Relative indications (MCQ)
          • Moderate or severe malnutrition
          • Acute pancreatitis
          • Abdominal sepsis
          • Prolonged ileus
          • Major trauma and burns
          • Severe inflammatory bowel disease
      • Peripheral parenteral nutrition
        • Hyperosmotic solution
        • Significant problem with thrombophlebitis(MCQ)
        • Need to change cannulas every 24- 48 hours
        • No evidence to support it as a clinically important therapy
        • Composition – 12g nitrogen, 2000 Calories(MCQ)
      • Central parenteral nutrition
        • Hyperosmolar, low pH and irritant to vessel walls
        • Typical feed contains the following in 2.5L(MCQ)
        • 14g nitrogen as L-aminoacids
        • 250 g glucose
        • 500 ml 20% lipid emulsion
        • 100 mmol sodium ,100 mmol potassium ,150 mmol chloride
        • 15 mmol magnesium ,13 mmol calcium ,30 mmol phosphate
        • 0.4 mmol zinc ,Water and fat soluble vitamins  ,Trace elements
      • Complications of subclavian and jugular central venous lines
        • 10% of central lines develop significant complications
      • Problems of insertion
        • Failure to cannulate
        • Pneumothorax ,Haemothorax
        • Arterial puncture ,Brachial plexus injury
        • Mediastinal haematoma ,Thoracic duct injury
      • Metabolic complications of parenteral nutrition (MCQ)
        • Hyponatraemia
        • Hypokalaemia
        • Hyperchloraemia
        • Trace element and folate deficiency
        • Deranged LFTs
        • Linoleic acid deficiency

    Total Parenteral Nutrition 1
    How to Remove Home TPN(Nutrition) Post Gastric Bypass Surgery!
    his part comes after the actual infusion. I will do the actual setup this evening and post so everyone knows what I must do daily. Im on the TPN 16hrs and off 8 hrs every day. I hope this is educational to someone out there!
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    Total Parenteral Nutrition
    Total Parenteral Nutrition 2
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