• It is almost always secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis
        • Disease affects posterior part of larynx more than anterior.
        • Parts affected are:
          • interarytenoid fold (most common ) MCQ
          • ventricular bands,
          • vocal cords
          • epiglottis
        • Weakness of voice is the earliest symptom followed by hoarseness. (MCQ)
        • Laryngeal Examination
          • Hyperaemia of the vocal cord in its whole extent or confined to posterior part with impairment of adduction is the first sign. .(MCQ)
          • Swelling in the interarytenoid region giving a mamillated appearance.(MCQ)
          • Ulceration of vocal cord giving mouse-nibbled appearance. .(MCQ)
          • Superficial ragged ulceration on the arytenoids and interarytenoid region.
          • Granulation tissue in interarytenoid region or vocal process of arytenoid.
          • Pseudoedema of the epiglottis “turban epiglottis”..(MCQ)
          • Swelling of ventricular bands and aryepiglottic folds.
          • Marked pallor of surrounding mucosa
        • It is an indolent tubercular infection
        • associated with lupus of nose and pharynx.
        • Unlike tuberculosis of larynx which mostly affects posterior parts, lupus involves the anterior part of larynx. (MCQ)
        • Epiglottis is involved first and may be completely destroyed by the disease. (MCQ)
        • The lesion spreads to aryepiglottic folds and sometimes to ventricular bands.
        • Lupus of larynx is a painless and often an asymptomatic condition and may be discovered on routine laryngeal examination in cases of lupus of nose.
        • There is no pulmonary tuberculosis.
        • Treatment is antitubercular drugs.
        • Prognosis is good.

Tuberculosis of Larynx
Patient presented with hoarseness of voice of 6 months duration. Examination revealed a right sided unilateral vocal cord congestion.No significant restriction of vocal cord movements was found. No history of pulmonary Tb was there
laryngeal tuberculosis
a caseof 23 oldfellow with history of hoarseness and throat pain , his larynx showed full blown laryngael tuberculosis
tuberculosis larynx.mpg
generally associated with pulmonary tuberculosis . happens in posterior 1/3 of vocal cord.
laryngeal tuberculosis
laryngeal TB after biopsy
video tb larynx 1 0001
case of TB larynx
TB Larynx