Wilms Tumor

    • Wilms Tumor (Nephroblastoma)
      • Wilms tumor is the most common primary renal tumor in children (MCQ)
      • most cases are diagnosed after the first year of life. (MCQ)
      • arises from nephrogenic blastemal cells(MCQ)
      • malignant cells are primitive small round blue cells
      • they may differentiate into a variety of distinct cell types.
      • Classically, Wilms tumor is triphasic, with blastemal, stromal, and epithelial elements (MCQ)
        • Blastemal cells are primitive cells with high nuclear:cytoplasmic (N:C) ratios.
        • Stromal cells form fibromyxoid areas.
        • The epithelial component often shows some basic recapitulation of renal tubular elements.
      • Anaplasia is associated with an unfavorable outcome.
      • Mutations may be found in the WT-1 gene (MCQ)
        • zinc-finger transcription factor involved in renal and gonadal development(MCQ)
      • Aberrations of WT-2 are seen in Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome.
      • Sporadic nephroblastomas often fail to reveal mutations.
      • Treatment is surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy.
      • Prognosis is generally good (> 90% long-term survival). (MCQ)
      • Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome  is characterized by(MCQ)
        • macroglossia, hypoglycemia
        • organomegaly, renal cysts
        • Wilms tumor
      • WAGR syndrome is characterized by (MCQ)
        • Wilms tumor, aniridia
        • genital abnormalities
        • mental retardation.
      • Denys-Drash syndrome is characterized by (MCQ)
        • gonadal dysgenesis
        • renal failure
        • Wilms tumor

    What Is Wilms’ Tumor?
    Wilms’ tumor is a form of kidney cancer. It’s different from the most common form of kidney cancer, renal cell carcinoma, in that it’s relatively rare and typically affects children but not adults. Another name for Wilms’ tumor is nephroblastoma.
    Removal of Wilms Tumor – Dr. Armando Lorenzo
    Surgical video of a wilms tumor removal. Performed by Dr. Armando Lorenzo (SickKids Hospital).
    Histopathology Kidney–Wilms tumor
    Histopathology Kidney–Wilms tumor
    Kids With Cancer: Wilms’ Tumor
    This is my 2nd Kids With Cancer Video and definitely not my last. The kids in the video have all been diagnosed with a form of cancer called Wilms’ Tumor.
    Wilms Tumor ¦ Treatment and Symptoms
    A type of kidney cancer seen mainly among children.